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Home News
Back from holidays again, here a short report about the European Championships in Lubersac.
The 2,5t modified had to pull with a very strange sled setting. Most of the tractors had problems with. It was a bad show for the spectators. Having again new selfmade gears in the driveline, we had to be careful not to damage the new engine again just before the Bettborn event. But after all data out of the first run were ok, we really wanted to go for a full pull in the second attemp. The changes in the chassis seemed to work very well, perhaps the new ratio was a little bit too high for the Lubersac track, but anyway the junior hoocked very well until suddenly engine rpm was dropping down for a very short moment. Immediately the Curtiss Wright engine did maximum rpm again but it was too late. The sled setting was too heavy. We ended up with some 90 Meters on a 5 place out of 12 competitors. Only Black Power and Green Monster got a full pull. Of course Black Power did it again, but also the Green Monster Team did a very good job.
The junior will be ready again for the Bettborn event.

A lot of work to do after the weekend of the Edewecht pull. Therefor it was not possible for us to attend the final round of the german championship in Schmachtenhagen. On the Junior engine, after readjusting the ignition, checking magnetos and high tension coils, some faults could be found. Also the fuel system seems to work just perfect again. On monday our new selfmade driveaxles including planetary wheels arrived back from hardening. Hope that they can manage now with a torque of more than 10000 Nm..... 
Last but not least some small modifications on the chassis had been done, and of course the living room of the trailor is rebuild again.
So lets hope that we will not have any bad damage on this EC again.

On the way to Edewecht we had a bad fire inside our trailor. The living room was distroyed completely. With the fast help of some friends and the firebrigade, the tractor was damaged only slightly. Many thanks guys. A few hours later, we arrived at home again. At that moment, it seemed to be impossible to drive to Edewecht. But as we really wanted to test a faster gear as well as our new selfmade driveaxles including planetary wheels (both parts are made out of one piece of steel) we immediately started to clean and check both tractor and trailor. Some 7 hours later we were ready again.
So we arrived in Edewecht in the late sunday morning. While warming up the Curtiss Wright engine, something in the fuel system seemed to got damaged due to the extreme high temperature inside of the trailor. The engine was not running properly. Even idle rpm was difficult to keep. But as we had no backfires, we manage to hoock the sledge. No way to control the pull witch engine rpm. The first run stopped at 99.08 meters. On the second run we even made a full pull. In the pull off we went out of bounds and finished on a 5th place. But anyway, again a nice pulling event in Edewecht.

Now we hope to have a little bit more luck for the rest of this season.

We are happy that in Verl, our new rebuild engine performed as expected.
After an easy full pull, we finished the pull off on a 3rd place behind Black Power and Green Monster.
Knowing that our budget has almost gone after all the damage we had this season, we prefered to operate the new engine on safe settings rather than risk another bad damage. But everything seems to be ok so far. Also the new rearend did his job, and the higher wheelspin was no problem at all for the engine.
On the next races, we will try to get some more horsepower down on the track…


Again a few days of delay caused by a different camshaft fixation system on the new centersection.
After adjusting the lubrication circuit, the problem was fixed. Front and crankshaft casing are ready again, cylinders are mounted. Now the rear casing including charger and oil pumps have to be cleaned and prepared for assembling.
Then a lot of detail work to be done…… But it seems that we will be on track again in Verl!


The new roller clutch did his work. The Wild Star engine performed as usual in Hassmoor.
Obviously, the new owner needs a little bit more experience to handle this Radial powered modified...

The Wild Star engine is ready again. We will compete the 3,5t modified class in Hassmoor.