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Home News

We will participate in the 2,5t modified Eurocup circuit in 2013.

That's why we hope to find enough time this winter to rebuild a complete spare engine. This year we missed two Eurocup pulls due to engine repair. The goal is to be ready again within one week in case of engine problems during the season.

Additionally, some maintenance work on our bus needs to be done.



After a perfect start with our new tractor, we realized that we made a big step forward with our new chassis and tyres. The handling performance is a way better than during the last years. We are able to put much more power down on track. Two Eurocup podium results proved that we now have the potential to get very close to the european top tractors in the light modified class. Unfortunately we got some unexpected engine problems mid of june. It took us nearly 6 weeks to solve all the problems. No way to fight against Le Coiffeur for the German Championship. Congratulations to Frank and his Team. They did the best job.

We want to say thank you to all of our supporters and sponsors. We had a lot of fun this year!


The engine was ok and made again some horsepower. But on that hard track without any reasonable grip it was not possible for us to show good pulls. As big radial puller we have two problems on those kind of bad tracks; we have no rev. limiter and not enough movable weight. Thus testing was not really possible. During our first run I only tried to open the throtte at some 45m and was stopped around 73m....... We decided for the second pull to go for a tyre pressure we never used before, unfortunately when I opened the throttle, the tractor started to jump an I decided to stop rather than risk needless engine damage. Definetely no fair competition was possible in the 2,5t modified......


As expected, the supercharger drive had been damaged during our showpull in Norway.

That's why we could not perform as expected on the EC in Füchtorf last weekend. But luckily, the damage was not too severe. We have almost repaired the engine. Because it is the last opportunity for us to test this year, we decided anyway to go for the pull in Alkersleben next weekend. We even expect to do a showpull on saturday evening.....we will see. We want to test a couple of details out there and we hope to get some more important information from our logger system.


It’s really an up and down for us this season. Again bad luck in Füchtorf. After the first pull, obviously, we had no charging pressure. It was impossible for us to make a full pull. Because we had a lot of supporters in the Füchtorf Arena, we decided to go for the second attempt. Of course, we knew at that moment that we couldn’t go further. It seems that we broke a part inside the engine during our Show-Pull in Norway. Unfortunately the problem couldn’t be detected during our usual maintenance work. We finished at a disappointed 10th place. At this moment, it seems to be impossible for us to repair the engine for the pull in Alkersleben. We will keep you informed about our winter work.


After Ilona and Günter Bals joined us in north Germany, we drove up to Hirthals in Denmark to take the ferry boat to Norway. Arriving in Kristiansand, we first had to pass the customs with our ATA Carnet. On the next morning, we decided to take a very small and magnificent sightseeing road along the coast. It was a hard job to pass all these small roads and bridges with our bus. At the late afternoon, we arrived at Stavanger haven. We enjoyed this relaxed atmosphere for some hours. Then we got a call... Jack Stijnen from Rocket Science Team was standing about 150km from Bryne with a broken turbo charger on his bus:-( We decided to drive to the pulling arena and tried to find a spare turbo. With help of Soren Naerland, we found the needed spare parts and we even got a car to drive down to Jack. Some 7 hours later, we arrived all together at the pulling arena. After the drivers meeting on sunday morning, the event started with the Pro-Stock class. Obviously, the track had not the same quality then during the EC in 2008. We were told that they put new clay on the first 70m. No way to find grip there. During our first pull, the first meters were ok, but after opening the throttle, the tractor began to jump. At the end of the track, grip could be found and we could made a full pull. For the pull-off, we decided to run the engine in lower RPM for the first meters in oder to keep the tractor stable. This plan seemed to be good, but when we opened the throttle, unfortunately it was too late to build up charging pressure. Jack won the class ahead of Museumspower and we finished on the 3rd place. Anyway, it was a great pleasure for us to pull in Bryne. Many thanks to Jaeren Tractor Pulling for the invitation. After the competition, we went off to Jorpeland crossing the Hogsfjord with a small ferry. We decided to make a trekking tour up to the Preikestolen rock above the Lysefjord. It took us a lot of efforts, but it was just great. Please enjoy the pictures...


After our top result in Bouconville, we decided to accept an invitation from Jaeren Tractor Pulling.

We will drive to Bryne in Norway for next weekend!


Maybe this decision is a little bit crazy, but we will compete in their 2,5t modified class on sunday.

We really hope to make a good show up there, and of course get more information about different engine settings.


Additionally we are looking forward to enjoy their imposant landscape and hospitality. We will enjoy it for shure.....


For more information, please visit: http://www.j-tp.no