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Home News

After a lot of engine problems during the last weeks, we are really happy that the engine is running again. Although, we had problems to keep the engine running properly in idle run, we managed to get into gear and our first pull was nearly perfect. Five teams qualified for the pull-off. Black Power did the best job and won our class. During our pull-off run, we had to brake a lot to keep the tractor between the lines. But the run was good enough to finish on a 2nd place. It is really a pity that we missed 2 Eurocup races!


New Videos from Bouconville are available in our Videos Section.


We will be ready for the last Eurocup event of the 2,5t modified in Bouconville (08) / France. The event is only about 125km from Luxembourg thus we hope to meet a lot of our supporters out there!


Timing Saturday


17 h 00 Inauguration officielle

17 h 15 Briefing Français à la remorque FTPF

17 h 30 Présentation des concurrents & début mise en parc fermé TWD

18 h 00 Qualification TWD 1ère manche

18 h 40 Qualification Garden 600 kg

19 h 10 Finale TWD 1ère manche

19 h 30 Pause repas

20 h 30 Qualification 2.5 To Modified - Eurocup

22 h 00 Finale 2.5 To Modified - Eurocup

22 h 30 Pause

22 h 45 Qualification 4.5 To Libre

23 h 30 Finale Garden 600 kg

00 h 00 Finale 4.5 To Libre

00 h 30 Fin


After having rebuild the complete rear section of our engine, we could perform an engine test run this evening.

No more chips in our oil filters means that we hopefully solved the main problem. Although we got a lot of problems to find good idle run settings after having replaced some important parts, we hope that it will be possible in Bouconville to get into gear. We really hope that we can make a good show again next weekend in France for our supporters!


The supercharger front housing is repaired and mounted again to the crankcase housing. During the next days we have to repair the rear housing thus still a lot of work is waiting.......


This time it was really tricky to find out why our engine did not perform as it should be.

Normally after a spinner valve breakage (Eurocup Made) and repair, the problem should have been solved. But only today we found out that a bearing inside the spinner injection system in the rear engine casing has gone. That's why we had axial play making chips in the rear casing oil filter and of course the wrong amount of fuel. We are doing our best to have repaired the engine for the Eurocup event in Bouconville. We have to disassemble a spare engine to get the parts we will need to repair, but different engine types makes it not easier.....

It will be very tough but at this moment it seems to be possible.


Of course it was very nice to be on the podium in Edewecht :-), but we are not happy at all with our performance. The engine is still not running, as it should be. The basic repair on the engine seems to be ok, but a fuel injection problem still exists and needs to be solved during the next days.