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Home News

After having passed the weight bridge without any problems, we were warming up the engine. Everything worked ok. After hooking the sled for the first 30 meters, everything was working as usual. But suddenly, the engine RPM dropped to idle. The nose of the tractor came down, and the front wheels were bended and we went off the track. As we had a test pull, we were allowed to come back. Immediately, we went back to the pits, and we could repair the front wheels and steering in time. Unfortunately, the engine test was unsuccessfull, and it was impossible to return to the track. We found out that inside the engine, a membrane to regulate the full pressure was broken. We hope that we will not find more problems during the maintenance work at home. So we finished on the 15th place. Again, Double Screamin' won ahead of Black Power and Le Coiffeur.

It was a nice event in Made, but, it is only a pity that at a top Eurocup event in the Netherlands, it is not possible to have a few hours of sleep in the pit area, due to extremely loud music and noise!


As our new tractor works as expected, there is no need to put the "old" tractor back on track again.

So meanwhile, a lot of parts are sold to foreign Teams.


We will be ready again for the next Eurocup event on sunday in Made. Everything was checked again, we hope to make a good result .... well, personally, I have a kind of mixed feeling, because our last breakdown was in Made 2008 ....




During the last week, we had a lot of work to finish the tractor for today. We found out the methanol pump was broken, and a lot of methanol was inside the engine oil.


While warming up the engine this morning, we got a little bit of stress! A quite big oil leakage on the engine rear cover made some problems, but we could fix it just in time.


Again, we had no problems on the weight bridge, and we were allowed to add some extra weight.


Our first pull was quite good, we could qualify for the pull-off with 6 other tractors. Our pull-off run was not so perfect, but again, very stable. At the end, we were very satisfied with our result. For the first time in the team history, we finished on a podium place in a Eurocup race.



1st - Double Screamin - 95,96m

2nd - Le Coiffeur - 93,36m

3rd - Roude-Léiw junior - 92,58m



After wrong settings in Sweden, we worked hard this week to find and built in a new ratio. Many thanks to Gerd!

The track was very difficult to handle, but we managed to get the first full pull in our class. We could keep the engine RPM high enough to make a fast and very impressive run.

Only 3 tractors could qualify for the pull-off. Our pull-off run wasn't perfect. Due to vibrations, we got air bubbles in the brake system. Thus, it was not possible to keep the tractor going on straight. We went to the right side of the track until brake pressure could be build up again. Braking for more than 20m had cost us for shure some meters. We stopped at the distance of 105,14m. Black Power couldn't go as far as expected, and finished on the 3rd place.

Unfortunately, Frank with his Le Coiffeur could pass our distance by 1 meter, and won our class.

We are very happy, because definitely, we could make a big step forward today.

This week, we will try to improve some more details, and we hope to make a good result next week-end in Bernay.


After a long trip of 2700km, we are back home again.

Unfortunately, we got THE problem in Lidköping that we already expected to have in Füchtorf.

In order to have a reference with the new tractor, we decided to keep the same gear ratio than last year for Füchtorf, so that we can compare the data from our logger system.

After a good pull in Füchtorf, we decided to keep the old ratio for the pull in Lidköping. But the track in Sweden took much more power, so it wasn't possible for us to keep the engine RPM.

Additionally, our gear lever broke just before the pull, and one brake was not working, as it should be.

We finished on the 8th place with some 96,5m. At least, the new chassis worked well. Now we have to work hard to have the tractor again in top condition for the next weekend.


The tractor for Füchtorf was only finished on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, we could not enter the new tractor into the bus. The necessary modifications on the bus took us another 5 hours to complete. It was too late for an engine test at home, so we decided to drive immediately to Füchtorf. We started up the engine on the new tractor for the first time late in the evening. Everything was working perfectly.

Sunday morning, we went immediately to the weight bridge, because, we definitely wanted to know if our tractor would fit in the 2.5 ton modified class.

We made it !!! We have the 1st Curtiss Wright powered tractor in the 2.5 ton class with Puller 2000 tires !!!

The tractor hooked very well in our maiden run, we could make a quite fast and stable full-pull. It was much easier to handle the new tractor than the old one.

Only 4 tractors qualified for the pull-off.

Black-Power won the pull-off. We were very happy with our final run and we made it on the 2nd place ahead of Double Screamin and Le-Coiffeur.

It was a perfect start for our new tractor !!!