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We are on the road to the European Championship in Alahärmä in Finland.


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Edewecht was the last pull for the german championship 2011.

We are happy to finish the championship on a deserved second place. Regarding the fact that we were not able to improve our tractor during the last winter, our plan was to be as constant as possible. A lot of maintenance work was done between the pulls, and we managed to have a good running tractor without any failure.

By the way we learned other details about how to adapt our tractor to the different track conditions. The biggest problem for us was the indication error of the german weight bridge. All the teams were allowed to add about 80 kg more than usual. This caused big problems to us during the first races.

Nevertheless we were not able to beat Le Coiffeur with our own means.

Without doubt, Frank and his Team did the best job and we want to congratulate them for the championship title.

We want to thank our fans for their great support during this season. We had a lot of fun out there.

Finally we will participate at the European Championship in Alahärmä / Finland.


We were very satisfied with our 2nd place in Edewecht. Due to different settings, we could keep the engine RPM high enough in the pull-off.

Although we had to take back the throttle in order to keep the tractor between the lines, we finished only some 2 meters behind Le Coiffeur, but 3 meters in front of Green Spirit from the Netherlands and Green Monster.

Many thanks to the Edewecht Crew, who helped us to weld our broken front suspension. By the way, we want also to congratulate them for their great 20th anniversary pull. It was a great pleasure to be part of it!


After the discussions about the weight bridge in Grimmen, we were pleased to see that the it had been repaired.

Our first pull was strong and fast, but we were missing grip at the end of the track. The engine RPM was very high, but we had a very good feeling. To increase the grip, we decided to reduce the tire pressure for the pull-off.

Indeed the tractor hooked well in the pull-off, we had a perfect and fast start. Unfortunately, a short mistake turned out into a spectacular drift from the right to the left side of the track. It was a pity, because we could have been very close to Le Coiffeur on this track.

Anyway, we are happy to finish at the second place, ahead of Green Monster.


It started to be a very nice pulling event in Grimmen until a big thunderstorm went down just before our class.

Heavy rain came down for half an hour.

Unfortunately, the track got too much water and a drivers meeting decided that it got impossible to drive for championship points.

Because thousands of enthusiastic spectators were still waiting for the race, the drivers of the 2.5ton modified agreed to do a show pull for them.

Definitely, it was not easy to handle the engine on that bad track, but we managed to show a quiet nice pull up to 99 meters.

Le coiffeur followed us in the same manner, and stopped at 98 meters.



The track in Krumbach was much better and had a lot more grip than the last years.

The German weight bridge was still measuring a way to light; therefore we decided to put new weights at front end.

Our first pull was very impressive, straight ahead and perfect in balance.

In the pull-off, we couldn’t keep the engine RPM high enough.

The ratio turned out to be too fast for such a heavy front-end. Although, we put full throttle immediately at the start, we stopped at 87,71m.

Green-Monster past our distance by a short meter.

Again, Frank with his “Le Coiffeur” set the sled to an unbeatable distance, and won the 2.5 ton modified class.