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Results 2,5 ton modified


     Pos           Country           Tractor      1st Pull           2nd Pull           Pull-Off     
1 NL Double Screamin'      F.P.   102,96
2 DK Black Power F.P.   100,16
3 N Never Satisfied F.P.   90,20
4 NL Rocket Science F.P.   88,30
5 L Roude Leiw jr. F.P.   86,93
6 NL De Jong Special F.P.   82,16
Museums Power  84,44 F.P.  81,37
Le Coiffeur  F.P.   54,91
9 DK Elkaer Metal Boy 96,23 95,55  
10 F Nirvana 81,01 88,42  
11 B Mad Max disq 88,18  
12 F Flash Power 75,93 85,55  
13 S Double Trouble 0,60    



17h00 Briefing Français à la remorque FTPF

17h30 Inauguration officielle

18h00 Qualification Prostock

18h15 Qualification Garden 600 kg

19h05 Finale Prostock

19h20 Podium Prostock

19h30 Finale Garden 600 kg

19h50 Podium Garden 600 kg

20h00 Pause repas

20h30 Qualification 2.5 To Modified - Eurocup

21h40 Finale 2.5 To Modified - Eurocup

22h15 Podium 2.5 To Modified - Eurocup

22h25 Pause

22h40 Qualification TWD 1ère manche

23h15 Qualification 4.5 To Libre

23h40 Finale TWD 1ère manche

00h00 Podium TWD

00h10 Finale 4.5 To Libre

00h30 Podium 4.5 To Libre

00h40 Fin


Thanks to Johannes MrJo Meuleners !!!


We had a great weekend in Edewecht. Unfortunately, the track had no grip at all. Because the first three tractors had bouncing runs, the officials decided to set the sled a little bit lighter, and the class was restarted.
The next one on the list was the Roude-Léiw junior. So we were test puller.
After opening the throttle at around 30 meters, the tractor began to jump and Serge decided to stop. In the second attempt, we got a full pull with just half throttle!
Only three tractors reached the pull-off. In the pull-off, le Coiffeur was disqualified because he couldn't keep the tractor between the lines. Green-Monster stopped around 96 meters. It should have been possible to beet the distance, but again, it was impossible to get the power on the track. We stopped at 93 meters.
We would congratulate Frank and his Le Coiffeur Team for winning the German Championship 2013

The differential gear broke down while braking. That's why we could not keep the tractor between the lines in the Pull Off run In Denmark :-(

We will try to build a new set in time for Edewecht!


Perfect organisation, great event with a very good track and sled combination.

Due to a heavy, but good sled setting, only 6 teams out of 20 could qualify for the pull-off. We had a perfect first run. The engine was running absolutely great.

The track was a little bit tricky, and a lot of tractors went to the left side. We decided to put the sled on the right side of the track for the pull-off. We hoped that way, that we could make the final run without braking.

The tractor hooked well and our distance was very close to the podium, but, unfortunately, we touched the white line with the left wheel, causing a disqualification in the pull-off. Nether less, we finished on a good 6th place.

Anyway, we were very happy with the performance of our tractor today.



We managed to rebuild the rear casing and the rear axle in time for Putten. Nice place, nice weather, Putten was the place to be... Unfortunately the combination of track and sled was not good at all in the 2,5t modified Eurocup. Most of the tractors start bouncing more or less hard. The fact of having only one attempt makes it a quite dangerous game. Although Serge tried to make a very slow start, the tractor started bouncing quite heavily. After his helmet hit the rollover protection twice, he decided to stop…
Of course we were very disappointed to finish on a 13th place, but thats part of the game:-)