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Home News News German finals in Krumbach

Unfortunately we had to take a last-minute decision and cancel the trip to Grimmen due to family reasons.


So the last game for the german Championship was sheduled on 5th and 6th of july in Krumbach. It was a very special event for us ....

We arrived already on friday evening because our plan was to do a show pull on saturday. After we had to replace one spinner valve in the closed pit, we could make a nice full pull.


On sunday, the track still was too hard and it was very difficult for some of the 2,5t modifieds to show good pulls. Although we were way too heavy at the front end, we managed to qualify for the pull off. After having checked our logger System, we decided to change some things for the pull off. Unfortunately it turned out the wrong way an we had to stop our pull off run because the tractor was jumping quite heavily. We could not beat Green Monster's leading distance and so we finished on a second place.


Congratulations to Frank and his Le Coiffeur Team, he won the german Championship 2014.


We managed to finished on a 3rd place.