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The final Eurocup round for the 2,5t modifieds in Herning was very disappointed for our team. After all tractors had made their first pull, we were at that moment on a good  4th place with some 92meters. But knowing that our pull could have been much better, we decided to make a second pull. Having problems to start the engine, we were not able to come back on track for our second attemp. BUT a  new shity rule says that if the team decides to make a second attemp, the first one has gone....even if no second attemp is made! So we have been put back on the last place! We (and other teams) really think that for next year this rule has to be changed as it was before. The 90 meter rule is ok, but please dont stress the teams with very unfair decisions they have to make before leaving the track, and please keep the best distance for good as it is handled in every other (motor)sports......