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In Edewecht obviously we had some problems with the track. The distance of our first pull was 95,91m. In the second pull we managed to get a full pull. In the pull off we again got some clutch problems. Which a slipping clutch we finished on a 4th place with 83,19cm having exactely the same distance as IsotovII! The podium was for Green SpititVI with 84,06cm, Black Power 89,00m and the winner of his home pull was Red Painter witch 92,37m.
As again our tractor had no driveline problems at all, we decided to change our clutch back to the same standard as Wild Star is running with. That way we will save some more money buying clutch disks, and of course we hope that way to be fit for the EC in Norway and of course for our home pull in Bettborn. As this modifications will take us some time, it seems that we have to cancel the last german pull in Schmachtenhagen.
A test pull in Bouconville on the 23rd of august is planned.

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