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It was really a great pleasure for us to pull in Füchtorf last weekend! It will be difficult for other promotors across Europe to outclass this top-event. Our compliments to the Green Monster Team! Obviously, the changes we made last winter on our Curtiss Wright engine worked very well. The engine ran better than during last season and has a little bit more power. But again, big problems to put his power onto the ground. With only 5 kg of movable weight left, it is hard to find balance on different tracks. We managed to get a full with a lowered drawbar. For the pull off I decided to change this setting to the maximum allowed, an to pull the first 20 meters with less engine rpm. No good idea, the tractor got very difficult to control and this run ended up in a disaster. Please see the pictures or the video Teil 1 on The chassis and drawbar got damaged badly. No weld seam broke off, but the very strong drawbar attachement was bend sideways! Even my helmet got several dents on each side……
Although we managed to finish on a 5th place.

I don’t know if I can fix everything for the next event on the 17 may in Seifertshofen……we’ll see.

Last Updated (Thursday, 02 September 2010 00:53)