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We are very happy regarding our performance on the European Championship in Bakel.
16 top tractors throughout Europe were qualified to compete the 2,5t modified class. Unfortunalely a first battle started on the ntto weightbridge. They confirmed us that our tractor was too heavy and that their weightbridge was ok. So no way for us to compete with the same balance as we did the whole year. We had to take off all weight, the starter and as much engine oil as we could afford. It was very disappointed that nearly all other trators had exactly the same problem. Even ntto tractors had to change drivers in order to pass the weightbridge…..We think that’s not the way this problem should be handled in the 2,5t modified class.

Anyway, a nice battle started on the track. Together with 9 other tractors we could qualify for the pull off. Green Spirit, the new Eurocup Champion 2009, pulled a good distance of 89,47m. Black Power increased to 90,39m. Then the new Double Screamin put down an unbeatable distance of 98,23m. We had no perfect pull off run, but with 86,80m we finished on the 5th place and confirmed our performance of this season. Finally Herbie managed to pass us with 87,56m.


Now a lot of work is waiting to be done this week in order to prepare the tractor for our home event in Bettborn.