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Again the track in Seifertshofen leaved a lot to be desired. It was very difficult, especially for the 2,5t modifieds, to find enough grip on the first meters. Accordingly we had big problems in our first run to set the sled in motion. A lot of patience and a good feeling for the throttle control was essential. Once the grip was found, we could qualify rather easy for the pull off. A good running Joker, Isotov II and of course Green Spirit VII as well could qualify for the Pull Off. Obviously our strategy for the final run was contrary to the other teams.
Instead of also changing the weight distribution, we only adjusted our tire pressure and after hooking the sled, I tried to run as less wheelspin as possible. It worked pretty good and we pulled to the winning distance of 96,27m. Again Joker showed a good pull to the second place with 85,52m while Green Spirit VII made it to the third place.
We were very pleased to see that all the new parts we fabricated at home after the Füchtorf event did the job.

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