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Last weekend the 4th round of the german championship was held in Haltern at the Prickingshof, a very nice place.
The 2,5t modifieds were scheduled only the next to last class of the day.

Again we could qualify for the pull off. So did Red Painter, Joker, IsotovII, Le Coiffeur, and the Green Monster.

Because of the tropical temperatures, it was decided to do first the Super Stock qualification run before pulling the 2,5t mod pull off.

Because Red Painter did not come back, we were the first starter in the pull off. We wanted to know if our new chassis stays controllable by choosing very new tyre pressure settings.
Unfortunately bad things came together. Having too much fuel in the beginning of the pull off run (our own mistake....) the engine never managed to reach maximum rpm thus boost pressure was too low. After pushing hard the left brake, the engine couldn't handle any more the mixture and droped down in rpm, think the very hot air did the rest. We finished on a 5th place with only 70,69m. Green Monster did the best job an won the class ahead of a surprising Joker and Le Coiffeur.

New game next weekend in Krumbach.

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