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We are very happy to have won the german 2,5t modified championship again!!

After the success of last year, it was a hard decision to rebuild the tractor with a new chassis and driveline components in order to do better pulls on good tracks. Already the first pull this season  showed that the behaviour of our junior got much better to handle. Our data logger then really helped a lot in finding the new settings we needed. But we did not expect to have enough points before the last game in Edewecht. Nevertheless we really wanted to do a better job up there then last year. But it became a really hard day!

Our first run was a full pull, but I crossed the line a few centimeters, thus we had to go for a second pull. Having only two tractors between, we had to hurry up with refueling. No time left to check the logger. We came back for a nice full pull then. Same procedure before the pull off. No time left to fix a problem of the gearbox as Black Power had to cancel his pull off run due to low oil pressure. After a tow tractor had pulled our junior on track, I only could engage the gear with methods I never used before... The beginning of our pull off run was not perfect, thus engine rpm was little too low at the end, but anyway we managed to finish on 2nd position just behind IsotovII who did a good job and ensured his ticket to Sweden.

After we got the champion cup, we enjoyed the rest of the day(s) relaxing and having some cold beers.

Think we will have a nice party again sometime!

Last Updated (Friday, 10 September 2010 09:03)