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Ekeröd was one of the nicest pulling sites we've ever been. Congratulations to Stefan Kronvall and his team for having organised a very nice pulling weekend in Sweden! After passing the ETPC Tech Control at eight o'clock in the morning, and without any objections, we had enough time left to prepare the junior for the race. On the first meters, the track was loose, thus it was difficult to find grip. The first Pull was just perfect. Only 7 tractors got a Full-Pull on the first attempt. Joker and Double Screaming, who crashed his front axle in the first attempt, needed a second try to qualify. Our Pull-Off run wasn't perfect at all. In order to keep the tractor between the lines, I had to retrieve the throttle for a short moment. This cost us a few meters for sure, but it was still better than being disqualified.  We finished on the 4th place (97,56m), behind Double Screaming (114,07m), Rocket Science (101,73) and Le Coiffeur (100,91). Double Screaming again showed that he is driving in another league. Nevertheless, we are very happy with our result.

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