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We arrived on Friday afternoon in the pulling arena in Alahärmä. Everything was well prepared out there and we came upon a nice pit area. Because our class was scheduled for Sunday only, we had a very relaxed first day of the competition. Of course the Saturday highlight was the 950kg modified battle between Phil Fairbanks and Wim Dingerink. Again the rest of the european minis were outclassed by more than 25m by these two guys!

On Sunday morning we had to be ready for the weight bridge at 9.30. We were the first competitor of the 2,5t modified class to enter the closed pit. Now we had to wait for the drivers meeting and the open ceremony. Because they worked a lot on the track on Saturday evening, we were very curious if the track still had the same amount grip than on Saturday. Finally at 11.45 the battle was opened between 11 competitors. The track still had a lot of grip, but also a very strange drift to the left side. Green Monster could not enter the final with 93,58m. Woody Woodpecker and Double Screamin both made a full pull. Now it was our turn. The tractor hooked well and we also could made a full pull. It was for shure no perfect run, but the first goal was reached. Also Never Satisfied, Le Coiffeur and Green Spirit followed us into the pull off.

The first distance to beat was set by Woody Woodpecker . A good and straight run ended at 96,86m.

Then Double Sreamin for shure had more problems with the track, but he could set a new leading distance of 96,99m! Then it was Roude Leiw time. The first 50 m were perfect and it felt like we could go very far....but suddenly the tractor wanted to turn off to the left side and I had to break a lot to keep him between the lines on that tricky track. That had cost us a lot of meters for shure and we were stopped at 91,47m. Never Satisfied again had a good run and made it to the third place with a distance of 94,45m. Both Le Coiffeur and Green Spirit could not return for the pull off.

Although we missed a bit of luck, we are really happy with our 4th place. On the last 3 EC’s we managed to keep our tractor in the top 5!

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