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The tractor for Füchtorf was only finished on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, we could not enter the new tractor into the bus. The necessary modifications on the bus took us another 5 hours to complete. It was too late for an engine test at home, so we decided to drive immediately to Füchtorf. We started up the engine on the new tractor for the first time late in the evening. Everything was working perfectly.

Sunday morning, we went immediately to the weight bridge, because, we definitely wanted to know if our tractor would fit in the 2.5 ton modified class.

We made it !!! We have the 1st Curtiss Wright powered tractor in the 2.5 ton class with Puller 2000 tires !!!

The tractor hooked very well in our maiden run, we could make a quite fast and stable full-pull. It was much easier to handle the new tractor than the old one.

Only 4 tractors qualified for the pull-off.

Black-Power won the pull-off. We were very happy with our final run and we made it on the 2nd place ahead of Double Screamin and Le-Coiffeur.

It was a perfect start for our new tractor !!!


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