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After wrong settings in Sweden, we worked hard this week to find and built in a new ratio. Many thanks to Gerd!

The track was very difficult to handle, but we managed to get the first full pull in our class. We could keep the engine RPM high enough to make a fast and very impressive run.

Only 3 tractors could qualify for the pull-off. Our pull-off run wasn't perfect. Due to vibrations, we got air bubbles in the brake system. Thus, it was not possible to keep the tractor going on straight. We went to the right side of the track until brake pressure could be build up again. Braking for more than 20m had cost us for shure some meters. We stopped at the distance of 105,14m. Black Power couldn't go as far as expected, and finished on the 3rd place.

Unfortunately, Frank with his Le Coiffeur could pass our distance by 1 meter, and won our class.

We are very happy, because definitely, we could make a big step forward today.

This week, we will try to improve some more details, and we hope to make a good result next week-end in Bernay.

Last Updated (Wednesday, 06 June 2012 20:15)