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During the last week, we had a lot of work to finish the tractor for today. We found out the methanol pump was broken, and a lot of methanol was inside the engine oil.


While warming up the engine this morning, we got a little bit of stress! A quite big oil leakage on the engine rear cover made some problems, but we could fix it just in time.


Again, we had no problems on the weight bridge, and we were allowed to add some extra weight.


Our first pull was quite good, we could qualify for the pull-off with 6 other tractors. Our pull-off run was not so perfect, but again, very stable. At the end, we were very satisfied with our result. For the first time in the team history, we finished on a podium place in a Eurocup race.



1st - Double Screamin - 95,96m

2nd - Le Coiffeur - 93,36m

3rd - Roude-Léiw junior - 92,58m

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