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After having passed the weight bridge without any problems, we were warming up the engine. Everything worked ok. After hooking the sled for the first 30 meters, everything was working as usual. But suddenly, the engine RPM dropped to idle. The nose of the tractor came down, and the front wheels were bended and we went off the track. As we had a test pull, we were allowed to come back. Immediately, we went back to the pits, and we could repair the front wheels and steering in time. Unfortunately, the engine test was unsuccessfull, and it was impossible to return to the track. We found out that inside the engine, a membrane to regulate the full pressure was broken. We hope that we will not find more problems during the maintenance work at home. So we finished on the 15th place. Again, Double Screamin' won ahead of Black Power and Le Coiffeur.

It was a nice event in Made, but, it is only a pity that at a top Eurocup event in the Netherlands, it is not possible to have a few hours of sleep in the pit area, due to extremely loud music and noise!

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