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When we arrived, we were chocked about the mud around the track. It has been raining non-stop for the last 12 hours.

Just before running up the engine, the cable connector broke between the battery car and the tractor. It nearly took one hour to repair it.

We were the 1st starter in our class. The tractor hooked well, but due to bad track conditions, he got unstable around 60 meters. Unfortunately, the front end came down too hard, and the front wheels were badly damaged. But we managed to get a full-pull, and qualify for the pull-off.

We only could return to the pull-off with the help of a loader, who positionned the tractor in front of the sled.

This time it went wrong, and we couldn't keep the tractor between the lines.

The engine is still not running as expected.

Altough we had a lot of problems, we finished on a 3rd place.

At this moment, we are not shure to be able to fix all the problems for the next week-end.

Congratulations to the Red Shadow team. They were out for the first time with their new sled which really looks great and works perfect.

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