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After the disaster in Füchtorf, a lot of damage had to be repaired.

Due to the hit, the engine and gearbox advanced about 2 cm to the front end, thus the chassis had to be repaired too. To fix the engine problem, the rear side of the engine had been disassembled up to the crank casing. A new prepared charger casing had been mounted, and everything was checked.

Finally, a cracked diaphragm in the carburator caused the fuel problem.

We were ready just in time for the Hassmoor event. No time left to test the engine at home.


We really like to pull on that tricky and crazy track in Hassmoor...

The engine hooked well, and we could qualify without any problems for the final.

Le Coiffeur opened the battle with 103,97m. We had a good start, but at the end, the engine made a backfire, and we stopped at 98,66m. The fuel setting needs some small adjustments. Finally, Black Power demonstrated that he did a very good winter job and won the game with 107,87m.


Please enjoy the video. Many thanks to Mr.Jo!



Many thanks for the pictures to Schizos's Pulling-Pics!

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