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We drove down to Bernay without having had time to start the engine at home and check at least if all the damage caused by the backfire in Hassmoor was repaired as it should be...

When we arrived in Bernay, we decided to start up the engine quite early in the afternoon to do the last fuel settings. Everything worked just perfect.

After a short presentation of all the drivers, the 2,5t modified Eurocup started at 18.30 pm. Our first pull was quite fast, an a full pull was no problem for us. 9 Teams could qualify for the pull off.

We managed to set the leading distance in the pull-off to 102,57m. We were only passed by Double Screamin and Black Power. Those guys were pulling in another league with their strong V8's...


Nevertheless, we are more than happy with our 3rd place!


We try to prepare our tractor as good as possible for the next Eurocup event in Made.


Onboard video from the 1st pull in our video section.


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