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Finally, we are very happy to have done a good result in Made!

During the last years we always had big trouble in Made and never pulled more than 30meters.....

Our first pull was a test pull. Because we had no full pull, the jury decided to reset the sled a bit lighter. We dropped down 6th places. Then, a full pull was no problem and we could qualify for the final. We were lucky that there were 20 other competitors, so the engine could cool down enough before we had to pull for a third time. Our pull off run was not bad, but our logger showed that we were missing some 500rpm's. Too much for a Eurocup event.

We finished on a 6th place. It was a nice game in Made and we are looking forward already for Putten.

By the way, we managed to keep our third place in the Eurocup ranking:-)

Last Updated (Monday, 17 June 2013 21:26)