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17h00 Briefing Français à la remorque FTPF

17h30 Inauguration officielle

18h00 Qualification Prostock

18h15 Qualification Garden 600 kg

19h05 Finale Prostock

19h20 Podium Prostock

19h30 Finale Garden 600 kg

19h50 Podium Garden 600 kg

20h00 Pause repas

20h30 Qualification 2.5 To Modified - Eurocup

21h40 Finale 2.5 To Modified - Eurocup

22h15 Podium 2.5 To Modified - Eurocup

22h25 Pause

22h40 Qualification TWD 1ère manche

23h15 Qualification 4.5 To Libre

23h40 Finale TWD 1ère manche

00h00 Podium TWD

00h10 Finale 4.5 To Libre

00h30 Podium 4.5 To Libre

00h40 Fin

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