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Again bad news from the Roude Leiw Team: The new rebuild engine did not make enough rpm and horsepower to compete on top level in the 2,5t modified. Seems that the supercharger did not work properly. The team finished on a 6th place. Seems that we got the same problem than with the Wild Star engine. Our new data logger system worked just perfect and delivered us lots of information as rpm, wheel speed, clutch information, carburator settings etc.
Back on the road to Luxemburg, the clutch of the truck suddenly stopped transmitting engine power to the gearbox. End of the trip somewhere near Blankenheim.
After some calls, our sponsor “Den Daachdecker”  was organising immediately a truck to bring back home our trailer with the junior inside, and our sponsor “Entreprise de construction Marechal” was organising the transport of our broken MB1422.  
So on early Monday morning we all were back home again.

Special thanks to Nesen Raymond, Marechal Nico, Theis Jos and Marechal John.

Last Updated (Wednesday, 01 September 2010 08:54)