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On the way to Edewecht we had a bad fire inside our trailor. The living room was distroyed completely. With the fast help of some friends and the firebrigade, the tractor was damaged only slightly. Many thanks guys. A few hours later, we arrived at home again. At that moment, it seemed to be impossible to drive to Edewecht. But as we really wanted to test a faster gear as well as our new selfmade driveaxles including planetary wheels (both parts are made out of one piece of steel) we immediately started to clean and check both tractor and trailor. Some 7 hours later we were ready again.
So we arrived in Edewecht in the late sunday morning. While warming up the Curtiss Wright engine, something in the fuel system seemed to got damaged due to the extreme high temperature inside of the trailor. The engine was not running properly. Even idle rpm was difficult to keep. But as we had no backfires, we manage to hoock the sledge. No way to control the pull witch engine rpm. The first run stopped at 99.08 meters. On the second run we even made a full pull. In the pull off we went out of bounds and finished on a 5th place. But anyway, again a nice pulling event in Edewecht.

Now we hope to have a little bit more luck for the rest of this season.

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