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Back from holidays again, here a short report about the European Championships in Lubersac.
The 2,5t modified had to pull with a very strange sled setting. Most of the tractors had problems with. It was a bad show for the spectators. Having again new selfmade gears in the driveline, we had to be careful not to damage the new engine again just before the Bettborn event. But after all data out of the first run were ok, we really wanted to go for a full pull in the second attemp. The changes in the chassis seemed to work very well, perhaps the new ratio was a little bit too high for the Lubersac track, but anyway the junior hoocked very well until suddenly engine rpm was dropping down for a very short moment. Immediately the Curtiss Wright engine did maximum rpm again but it was too late. The sled setting was too heavy. We ended up with some 90 Meters on a 5 place out of 12 competitors. Only Black Power and Green Monster got a full pull. Of course Black Power did it again, but also the Green Monster Team did a very good job.
The junior will be ready again for the Bettborn event.

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