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Although we got an invitation for the indoor pull in Zwolle, we regret that it was not possible for us to participate this year.
As you can see on the pictures, we have too much work to do this winter, not only on the new transport vehicle, but also some big changes to do on the Roude Léiw junior: a new selfmade reverser should make it easier to change gears than in the past, the alu housings of the planetarys have to be reworked on a CNC machine, the rollcage has to be modified, again the drawbar will be slightly modified, and of course the engine needs some more attention. Not to forget , Piet de Haan is checking our carburator at this moment. Last but not least our truck is sold. The work on the bus went on pretty good. The rear part floor for the tractor is nearly finished, the winch is mounted. Only some paint job and side panels are missing. The rear door still has to be done…..depending on the weather conditions, the bus is standing outside! The original diesel fuel tank had to find a new place just above the front axle, alu water tanks have been welded, all new electric cables as well as water and gas tubes are planned at this moment. Also most of the parts for the living room arrived. After some modifications, a new pvc floor will be installed, then the heating system can be reinstalled again. Lots of wood plates (what a strange kind of material…..) have to be cut and adjusted before the living room will be ready.

And then a lot of detail work to do……

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