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For the first time during the bus project, I can see the end of the tunnel.
The rear door is mounted. The electric job, which took lots more hours than expected, is nearly done. So 12V, 24V and 220V including battery charger as well as electric generator power are available. Webasto heating is working again, warm water and gas systems are installed. Only the beds, a shower, as well as a monitor for watching films during travelling are missing for the moment.
You may ask yourself why not waiting with all this work till next winter time? Easy answer: We need this installations to get a special camper immatriculation in Luxembourg. By this way we can save every year some money, and we are allowed to drive whenever we like.
Last week, the bus engine was reassembeled and running for the first time since july 2006. Some more changes in the air suspension system have to be done to allow an easier entering of the tractor. Yesterday, 6 brand new tyres arrived, so I hope that during the next week, the bus can be put back on wheels to build ramps for entering the junior for the first time. (At least I hope so…)
Of course the painting job, also done by ourselves, will follow immediately. This will take another 2 weeks I guess.

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