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After the Hassmoor event, we worked hard to improove the fuel system of the engine as well as to find out why an annormal fuel-oil mixture was causing a lower oil pressure than usual. With help of the logger system, most of the problems could be fixed.
Time to test in Seifertshofen! After hooking the sled, the engine could keep rpm much better, and an full pull was no problem. After checking all logger data, oil pressure was ok so far, the decision was made to go for the pull off. Taking not too much risks on this tricky track, we were ending up on a second place, some 80cm behind Isotov II.
This week, the complete driveline will be checked including reverser, some more adjustements in the fuel system are necessary as well as in the oil circuit.
We hope to perform on our first Eurocup pull in Made without having any breackage……..