In 1984, the history of Tractor Pulling events in Luxemburg was started in Vichten, the home of the actual Roude Leiw Tractor Pulling Team.

People out of the former Club 2000 decided to build a first sled to do Tractor Pulling with. In first instance, a sled was build for old tractors an cars only. This sled was build at the farm of Jim Arendt, former Team captain of the Roude Leiw Team.

For the following year, they decided to create the first modified sled of Luxemburg. This time the sled was build at the farm of Leo Blum, actual chairman of the LTPF.

The sled worked perfect, and stopped invited Teams of the Netherlands as Grasshopper, Blue angel, Angel Dust and Deere Hunter. Not to forget the first modified tractor of Luxemburg, Yellow Devil and the first modified tractor named Crazy Horse, build by Jim Arendt.

In 1986, Jim and Serge decided to build their first Roude Leiw modified tractor rather than helping to organise pulls in the future.

In 1987, the first Roude Leiw was powered by 3 chevy small blocks and 1 Ford V8. Two of the chevys had an automatic transmission. They were mounted stairstep like on a sererate chassis and could be removed for the lighter class.

For 1988 and 1989, one Ford V8 and two chevy small blocks were connected via chains in a row. With the new Goodyear pulling tires 30.5×32 mounted, the combination worked very well.

But after some pulling events it was obviously that more power was needed very soon. Getting a top tractor by using V8 engines seemed to be rather easy, but too expensive. So it was decided to stop with that kind of engine.

End of 1989, the tractor was sold to Germany. We never saw him back on tracks. 

On Christmas eve 1991, an overhauled Curtiss Wright R3350 engine arrived at the new workshop in Vichten. But the presentation of the new Roude Leiw could be done only in September 1993 during the Eurocup Finals in Bettborn.

From 1997 to 1998 the Team got the opportunity to compete the NTTO-BKTV B-Division Championship.

A first victory in the 3,5t modified and some podium places proved that they got the Curtiss Wright engine under perfect control.

Since 2000, the Team runs the german DTTO championship. One victory and a fourth place in the 3,5t modified championship proved the reliability of the tractor. Although having lot of fun with the tractor, it got underpowered with its 3500 horsepower.

End of 2003, the decision was made to build a nice and competitive Curtiss Wright powered 2,5t modified tractor. No question to change the engine type.

Marc Gaub has joined the team in 2003.

More than 5000 engineering and workshop hours were needed before the new Roude Leiw junior could be put on track end of 2004.

In 2007, after 22 years of being Team Captain, Jim Arendt decide to retire.

During 2009, Georges Arendt has stopped his activity with the team, due to lack of time.

For the first time in the team history, the Roude Léiw Team won the German Modified 2,5t Championship in 2009.

In 2010, we were happy to win again for the second time the German Modified 2,5t Championship.